What Are the Qualities That Mark a Great Real Estate Agent?

It’s not easy coming across a good real estate agent. In such a tough and fast-paced industry, real estate agents adapt to be shrewd rather than sincere. This article comprises a few qualities of good real estate agents that any property buyer or seller must be on the look for. Visita Nosotros to get more ideas of how to become a good real estate agent


Any agent who does not communicate back with the client can be very frustrating. In real estate, investment decisions are time sensitive meaning you need an agent who can give you an overview of the current position as soon as possible. This helps you move on to another buyer or property in real time.


The agent should be proactive and take the initiative to call potential buyers. The aim here is to communicate with customers about chasing new leads. If this is not the case, then why did the agent agree to take up the task if the client is the one doing the reaching out. It makes no sense. The main tenet of proactivity is keeping your client constantly informed.

fast service


Avoid any agent who talks more than they deliver. If you are unable to pass your expectation or requirements when talking to your agent, then you have a problem to look into. It’s the client should be doing most of the talking, outlining what they expect. The agent, on the other hand, must be asking questions to try to understand what you are looking for.

Client Focused

The whole theory behind real estate agents, is they are tasked to get the client a good deal. By striking such a deal, they benefit too. The right agent is one who interest of the client is in their best interests. Going through the real estate market, whether selling or buying is stressful. This means it is vital that the client gets all the support they need.

What Is Your Motivation?

When the customer gets a good deal, this automatically reflects on the agent. A good word shared from the client to their networks can expand the business for a good agent. In that case, ensure that the agent is consistent in delivery. It would be unfortunate if you had to stake your credibility on a poor agent to your networks.


A good agent should take time to gauge where their client stands. Some clients prefer communication through the email while others quick text messages. It is thus the responsibility of a good agent to gauge the client’s preferred method of communication, so they do not feel ignored or pressured.

Are Open to Sharing past Clients

The best of agents are always open rather than opaque when it comes to who they worked with earlier. As long as you are doing your work well, you have nothing to hide. The past clients are best placed to give credible testimonials or statements that reflect on this agent.

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Aware of Your Time Frame

The timing is very important when it comes to the agent/client relationship. The agent must find out why the client is in a hurry to sell or buy a property. This should be their guiding plan as to the urgency and amount of work they should put in to meet the client’s request.