Benefits of Conducting Accessibility Audits On Properties

Accessibility inspections are conducted on public accommodations and commercial facilities to make sure that individuals with disabilities can access them. Certified access specialists conduct this inspection. You can get these services by contacting ada inspection company. All buildings should be reviewed by disability access specialists to make sure that people living with disabilities can access them.

The following are the main types of disability access specialists

  • CASP Surveys– These are accessibility surveys conducted by certified acheck list-surveyccess specialists.
  • ADA specialists– They are specialized in reviewing buildings for accessibility. They can help you in saving money in potential lawsuits if your property is not accessible.
  • Quality Oversight-These experts are specialized in over sighting large projects and companies that need third-party quality control.
  • DSA Inspections-These is experts who oversight community colleges and schools in Southern California.

CASP Inspections

These experts are trained on how to reviews government and commercial facilities to make sure that they can be accessed easily by the disabled people. They are specialized in conducting long inspections and access assessments. They have an active team of experts and construction professionals who help then in inspecting buildings. CASP experts are specialized in Building Code compliance and ADA compliance.

Their experts are certified and licensed by the state Architect based in California. In addition to this, they have a customer support team that ensure that their clients are satisfied. They have a rapid response time. Their support team is well positioned to answer your questions accurately and quickly. This will, in turn, make you feel supported when the process is in progress. Their offices are based in California, but they provide ADA inspection services nationwide.

Services Offered by ADA, DSA Experts

  • Quality control– Clients who need third-party oversight of city and commerciqualityal construction projects can immensely benefit from the services of these experts.
  • DSA oversight– they are tasked with planning reviews and coordinating schools in California.
  • ADA reviews –Their experts are specialized in reviewing all private, commercial, and educational properties throughout California.

State Architect Services In California

These experts have been providing various construction services such as inspection in Southern California. They began operating as general contractors before graduating to become licensed inspectors.

They have a wealth construction and inspection knowledge into building apartment complexities, commercial projects, roadways and safe schools that require ADA compliance review or regular on-site inspection. They can also be consulted for new construction projects and renovation efforts. Their experts are known for doing a wonderful job when they are on-site.