Six Signs your Windows Require Replacement

If you are a homeowner, you have to consider replacing your windows at some point. Over the years, your windows experience wear and tear. In the end, they will lower the energy efficiency in your home and raise your energy bills burning a holed through your pocket. How do you know that its time to replace your windows?



Rising Energy Bills

Monitor your energy bills over a period. Are they skyrocketing? Compare your energy bills in the summer or winter to your bills last year over the same period. If you realize that your bills have risen significantly, you should not hesitate to replace your windows. It’s true that old windows allow lots of warm air out during winter which means that you have to use more energy to heat your home.


Broken or Damaged Windows

It might be time to think about replacing your windows if they are currently broken or damaged. If your windows experience minor issues like weatherstripping or hardware, they require repairs. However, larger problems like damage, warped sash, broken window or frame indicate that you should replace your windows instantly.


Look Less Attractive

Is your home as attractive as you would wish? Windows are among the most vital features in the exterior of your home. If your windows look old and dingy your home won’t look attractive. Nonetheless, if you replace them with well-designed windows, you could succeed in changing the looks of your home without much struggle. Just make sure that the windows that you choose complement the style of your home.


Wear and Tear

In some cases, it’s much simpler to repair your windows instead of replacing them. For instance, if new hardware or weatherstripping is required. Nonetheless, if you notice significant damage like a broken frame or sash replacement is the only option. Also, inspect your windows keenly for signs of fogging or drafts. A room with windows that are not working efficiently often feel drafty. Replace such windows instead or repairing them.



If you notice condensation on your windows, it’s an excellent sign that you need new windows. The condensation occurs when warm and moist air hits a cool surface like w window. You must have seen the condensation inside of the panes. During winter the condensation might appear like frost.


Outside Noise Issue

Modern windows are designed to minimize noise transfer which is a plus if your house is next to a busy road. If you hear cars hooting or passing when you are inside your home with the windows shut your windows are old and need replacement. New windows will make your home quiet and give you the peace of mind that you need.


windowSingle Panes

Inspect your windows keenly if you have always wondered why your room is too cold during winter and too hot during the summer. If you don’t notice any problem them perhaps its because your windows have a single pane. Replace them with double pane glasses that are more efficient and modern.