Advantages of using a rotary hoe

A rotary hoe is a very versatile tool that has been used for quite sometimes in farms for cultivating. The rotary hoe can perform a number of tasks, and those who have experience using it has alleged that it greatly improves crop production. It is also very vital as it controls the growth and spread of weeds as it also reduces soil crusting.
The rotary hoe was first invented by Clifford Howard, who later on patented it in the year 1919. He went further and made a special tractor that could ensure the efficient functioning of the rotary hoe. This was a major invention in the agricultural sector as it had a great influence in the mass manufacture of tractors which had rotary hoe attachments. Nowadays the rotary hoe can also be referred to as the rotary tiller, power tiller and also the rotary plow.
As a diversified agricultural too, the rotary hoe can perform a number of functions and it can either be hauled as an attachment to a tractor, or it can propel itself for those that are made to be so. Whichever the way you may want to use it, the diversity with which you can put it into a practical application can be numerous.
Let us look at some of the factors that have made a rotary hoe that popular:


Fuel efficiency

It is no secret that a rotary hoe has a superb rate of fuel efficiency. When all the devices in it are well maintained, it can consume at most 0.2 gallons of fuel per acre. This is a very low quantity when you compare it with other similar farm equipment.

Weed control

You will find a rotary hoe being very efficient in weed control. This is more especially when one planted without tilling. When one sows without tilling it will allow weeds to germinate quickly, especially those ones that grow shallow with small roots. But when you put a rotary hoe into use, it will loosen the soil hence exposing the roots of the weeds leading to them drying.
Rotary hoe can also be essential when one plants and the rainfall is not enough as it will activate some important herbicides in the soil. This is essential as it integrates them to be used by the plants and it will also uproot any weeds before they sprout to the surface.

Soil crusting

3Although many farmers hope that the rains come after they have planted, if the rains are too heavy they will definitely lead to soil crusting. This usually occurs to the fields that have been tilled hence have less residue cover thus the soil has a lot of silt.Sold crusting can be very dangerous since it reduces the amount of oxygen that is supplied to the seeds and it also interferes with the water flow. This can cause the seeds not to germinate and can cause seedlings to experience stunted growth.

This is where the rotary hoes are important as they can break up the soil crust so that the plants are able to surface.
These are some of the advantages that have made rotary hoes that popular.