Qualities Of A Good Pocket Knife

Pocket knives come in handy, especially when going on a getaway in the wild. They have proven to be so resourceful especially in the past and even in the present times. However, some guidelines must be followed when buying the best pocket knife including things like how to keep it safe and far away from children. It has become so useful that even some of the ladies have included it in their handbags and clutches as one of their accessories. You just can’t tell when the emergency will come up and a pocket knife’s services are needed. A pocket knife is a versatile tool that should not be found missing among the essential household items.rtyhujjnhtrg

Qualities of a good pocket knife

Being an essential tool, you need to look into some features before settling for one;

  1. Should be affordable: Don’t break your account just trying to get something that is clearly not within your budget. Go for something that you can afford without having to break a sweat.
  2. A handle that provides a firm grip: Even when using it for the most onerous tasks, be sure that it will grant you the comfort that you need and not hurt your fingers in the process.
  3. Perfect size for your pocket or purse: You are assured of utmost comfort when you buy something that is neither too big or too small to handle all your assignments. The size matters a great deal because it gives you the sense of convenience no matter where you plan to go.
  4. Sharp tip: the tip must be sharp pointed for you to easily maneuver your way through any task that comes along unexpectedly. A sharp edge gives you the upper hand even when it comes to those hiking or mountaineering trips. For instance, you might get lucky and game meat presents itself to you in the wild, the sharply pointed edge will help in piercing and slicing it adequately for everyone to get a piece.

Uses of a pocket knife

A pocket knife is versatile and can come in handy at any time. If you have a good one, here’s what it can do;

  1. r45t6hyuntyrgfA good pocket knife can cut and slice fruit and other kinds of edibles. Since it is not good to use the teeth and nails as tools, a pocket knife can be a good replacement.
  2. Making a fire during camping. A pocket knife with a sharp edge can be used in splitting pieces of dry firewood to small pieces that can easily catch fire and spread it to other pieces of firewood.
  3. Self-defense. When caught up in a fight of some sort and you wish to defend yourself, just pull out your pocket knife from it’s nearest location and do what you need to do.
  4. You can use it for hunting. Just make sure that it is sharp and has a handle with a firm grip to make your hunting spree far much easier, adventurous and fun, all at the same time.