Questions a lot of moms ask on daily basis is, can baby sleep in a swaddle?. often the answers they get are nothing to hold on to. this is really a question that requires absolute care to answer, but first we need to determine the scope of this top before we can forge ahead and get you the answer.

What Is Swaddle?

We are going to adopt the most professional answer to this question. We can tell you that baby swaddling is a way of making your baby feel comfortable and safe. This is done or achieved by wrapping the baby in a blanket. This technique is most helpful especially when going to sleep as well as when the babies fuss and fidget.

Can Baby Sleep In A Swaddle?

The honest answer to this question is “Yes”. However you will need to be aware of few of the recommendations we have for you to be safer while swaddling your babies. firstly before you move on, you may need to know that swaddling in no way prevents or protects babies against SIDS or ISRDs (Infant Sleep-Related Deaths).

the following are a few precaution and tips you may want to know on how to ensure your baby swaddles comfortably. To prevent injury and risks

1.) Do not let the blanket loosen all through the night; this can be achieved by making sure the swaddling is snugly wrapped around the baby. this is so because if the swaddling gets unwrapped, it’s likely to endanger and put your baby in a risk of suffocation. You may also want to remember that loose bedding are not allowed in the crib with your baby as well as blankets.

2.) Don’t let the swaddle to be tight in such a way that the baby won’t be able to move their hips nor breathe. You rather loosen them a bit.

3.) You may also need to know that you can swaddle your baby only during their sleep time or when fussy. Babies do not need to be swaddled all day long.

4.) Just ensure your baby is being placed on their back and in their crib, after they have being swaddled. A lot of studies has surfaced to prove that there is a high risk of swaddling a baby and putting them to sleep with either their stomach or side. This is likely to cause SIDS.

when can i stop swaddling my baby

Swaddling should be discontinued with immediate effect once an infant gets to the stage of development that they become capable of rolling onto their tummy. It’s also a stage when they are not able to roll over. This stage typically happens between the baby’s two to four months. Sometimes most of the babies develops rapidly, should it happen, one should discontinue the exercise.

How to Swaddle a Baby

If your baby has come to the stage of swaddling, always ensure it’s done properly by following the steps below:


To do this, you need to spread a blanket, and ensure it’s the type of blanket that’s made for swaddling, and kept in shape of diamond. The top corner should be fold down in order to approximate the blanket center. Then put the baby on top, and make sure his or her necks comes out on top of the fold.


Hold the baby’s arm straight, the right side of the blanket should be pulled across the baby’s chest and held slightly down ( it will create the first half of the ‘V’) Tuck it under left side, and leave out the left arm.


You simply fold the bottom of blanket over the baby’s feet and tuck behind the baby’s should precisely the left side, then tuck the other edge around the baby’s arm. Ensure the blanket doesn’t prevent the baby’s nose or mouth.


Few inches of the blanket should be pulled above the infants left shoulder pointing down to his or her chest. (This is a small bit which then forms the second half of ‘V’)


From the previous or preceding step, you would need to grab the bit on the chest of the baby firmly. Now the parts of the blanket which are remaining should be wrapped round the baby’s chest. This in other words ensures the baby’s mouth or nose do not get obstructed.

can baby sleep in a swaddle

can you swaddle a baby too much

Baby swaddling have a lot of risk associated in it. To some point, it’s unsafe as well when your infant is not properly swaddled. At the other hand, swaddling have a high chance of overheating the infant that is been wrapped with lots of blankets. This is especially applicable when the covers of the blanket are too thick or heavy as well as when they are wrapped in a blanket too tight.

It’s really not advisable to wrap babies in a breastfeeding mode. It should be noted that breastfeeding causes a great hotness for a baby. Wrapping them will double their chances of overheating while breastfeeding. If swaddling is not put in place, the infant will have a great positioning naturally and can easily latch or relax more comfortably on the mom’s breast.

You may as well have to consider that routine swaddling may suppress the voice of your baby. This may affect and delay the baby’s response. Professional research has gone to show that babies who swaddled often feeds less frequently, and also suckle less effectively. The infants inhibited arm movement affects also their arousal pathways to response.

do babies like to be swaddled


Having stressed enough how important it is to swaddle your baby often and less often in other to prevent SIDS, you may now agree with me that people asking ‘Can Baby Sleep In a Swaddle’ now have a high chance of swaddling their baby’s with less risk in the event of too much sleep from the infants mom.