In today’s blog post, I am going to be taking you through this access bank transfer code tutorial. Access bank is one of the trending banks in the country right now. With all the modern facilities in place required for a banking company to operate, they are not left out of the banking industry.


Access bank has grown a lot in recent years. They have transferred all their banking apps into digital format. Unlike before when you used to queue inline in the banking hall to make withdrawals, and transfer funds, they have digitally transformed globally.


A customer now has the ability to buy airtime, make transfers to one another, pay bills like electricity bills, television bills, and book a flight from the comfort of your home without stepping out of your house.


Now as an access Bank customer, you have the ability to make use of the access bank USSD code for transfers and transactions without visiting the banking Hall.  their mobile banking application has made it so easy for everyone to make transfers, buy airtime, purchase goods, and services online, and make payments hassle-free.


Today in this blog post, I will be teaching you how to make use of your access bank USSD code and manage your access bank account easily. There are lots of benefits attached to knowing your access bank codes and learning how to make use of it.

Your possibility of using access bank USSD code relies on the availability of the phone number your made use of while registering your account number. I am going to guide you step by step on how to use the codes. This will definitely reduce your daily stress of walking into the banking Hall or ATM stand to send funds.


How to register for Access bank transfer code


I will use this medium to stress this before we continue; it is to your own benefit to understand that this access bank code only works with customers who have an existing and working account with access bank already. if you do not have an access bank account, kindly click on the link below to register online and get one to perform transactions with the code I will be rolling out to you here.


If you do not have a computer, you can also dial *901# to open one with your mobile phone. Remember to keep the phone number you used to open this account safe. Once your registration is completed, you are guaranteed to enjoy transactions seamlessly with access Bank mobile app.


So if you want to enjoy the benefits of access Bank USSD banking, It is necessary to own your own accounts, as has been talked about above.  Remember to own your own account, you must have a BVN, and to use the USSD codes, your account must be dominated in naira currency without restrictions placed on the account.


Note:  To complete your registration, you will need an ATM card PIN,  you will have to enter the last 4 digits and last 6 digits of your ATM cards by dialing *901#,  before you can go and create a 4 digit transfer pin which is mandatory.


Features of Access Bank Codes

Here, I will be outlining the features of access bank code for your easy use.  you will know how to;

  • Make a transfer from access bank to another bank and from access bank to access bank.
  • You will also learn how to buy airtime through your app, how to account for Check Balance.
  • In the section, you will know how to pay your utility bills through the banking app.
  • And finally, you will learn how to pay your merchants.


How to Activate Access Bank Transfer Code 2021

Here is my step-by-step guide and basic requirements that you will need before you can successfully start making use of access bank USSD code for transactions.

Note: It is a must that you’re phone number must be linked to your access bank account before this will work.

How To Activate Access Bank USSD Banking

To activate access Bank mobile banking, the following are required for Swift operation.

  • The account owner must be a signatory.
  • The account must be linked to a BVN.
  • It must be a naira-denominated account.
  • There should be no restrictions placed on the account.

Once these measures are in place you can successfully activate your access bank USSD banking for mobile.

After ensuring the entire measures are put in place, now you can go ahead and

  1. dial *901#
  2. Then enter your account information as required
  3. Ensure your ATM card is available when you dial the code
  4. Once you’re asked to enter the last four digits and last 6 digits of your ATM card, do those diligently.
  5. You will receive an SMS stating whether you were successful or rejected.


How to transfer funds from Access banks

In this section, I am going to successfully show you how to transfer your funds from your access bank account to another bank account or from your access bank account to another access bank account.  This includes making transfers to GTbank, Diamond Bank, Zenith Bank, First bank, Fcmb bank, etc.


To ensure a smooth and Swift money transfer from your access bank account balance to another access bank account simply dial, *901*1*AMOUNT* Nuban Account Number#.  The most recent news that surfaced a few months ago from Access Bank Plc was that the transfer fee is free and the news has remained the same. This is a similar case and scenario with GTbank.


If you want to transfer funds from your access bank account to other banks in the federation, on the other hand,  you will have to send please dial *901*2*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#.  Similarly, other banks in the nation do this and this transaction attracts a fee of N100 flat.


There are limits to daily transactions that a customer can perform on *901#, and the daily limit is N20,000. This is to help customers in dangerous times and cases. 4 people or customers and Diaspora or outside of Nigeria, you can dial the *901# platform when your mobile number is roaming. This is to your advantage, do not misuse it.



What Are The Charges For Each Feature On This Platform?

Features Charges
Buying of Airtime for others Free
Opening of Account Free
Purchasing of Data Free
Balance Enquiry Free
Transfer Fund to Access Bank Free
Transfer Fund to Other Banks N25 (below N50k) N50(Above N50k) +N4.00(VAT)
Merchant Payment Free
Payment of Bills Free
Generation of OTP Free


Access Bank USSD Code to Check Account Balance

When you do not know the amount or account balance in your access bank account, or you want to know. Or maybe someone from your friends and family or your business Associates sent you money and you want to confirm your account balance whether you’ve been credited or not, this is how you do it.


There is no need for you to stop stressing yourself walking down the street to locate your bank. I’ll stand at the ATM queue just to check your account balance. This sort of banking in Nigeria is now updated.


You can now comfortably check your account balance from your house, home, or the room or even your working place and anywhere in the world.  This can easily be done and is very fast and yet affordable. Although the service is not free you will be charged for it just for a token.


If you’re interested in checking your account balance right now or follow the steps below

  • Pick up your phone,  and dial *901*5#, then you will be prompted with the instructions below
  • You will be asked to enter the last four digits of your BVN
  • Then your bank account balance will be shown to you after a few seconds.


How to Buy Airtime from Your Access Bank Account


Nowadays, it has become exceedingly easy to recharge your mobile phone from your access bank account. This on the other hand is helping CBN, because it facilitates the recent cashless policy in place.  Days are gone when you say you are out of airtime if you are an access bank account holder. You can now simply recharge from your access bank account which is very easy and yet safe.


Whether it be your own phone number or your customer’s phone number which is a third-party number( this means our number that is not a  beneficiary to the account), you will not endure any charge for doing this as this is a free service altogether.


  • If you want to load airtime on your registered mobile phone number with an access bank account( the number you used to open your access bank account) simply dial *901*amount#, Instance: *901*500#
  • when you want to recharge an unregistered phone number from your access bank account (non-beneficiary account number) with the number you used to create the access bank account, dial *901*amount*phone number#. For instance: *901*500*070901234765


There is no restriction to any telecommunication network that this service is available too.  Customers of MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, Glo mobile, can make use of this code.


Features and Benefits of using Access bank transfer code


I will not be listing the main features of using access bank USSD codes for easy service.

  1. All telecommunication networks are eligible to make use of this banking code, these include the Glo, airtel, 9mobile MTN subscribers
  2. It is an easy service to use
  3. It is very secure safe and convenient for any customer
  4. it’s very easy to create or open an account
  5. Transferring funds from one access bank to another is very easy with the code
  6. You can easily recharge your mobile phone using this code
  7. Merchants can easily be paid with the code and app
  8. You don’t have to walk miles away just to pay your bills anymore
  9. Conveniently you can check your account balance using the code
  10. The one-time password is now easily being generated (One-time password)
  11. It is now easy to select your default account which the USSD code will be activated.
  12. There was no restriction on the mobile device that you can do this from.


How to Use Access Bank USSD Code to Pay Bills


Some of you might not have been educated on how to pay utility bills from your access bank account directly. It has become very easy to do. For those of you that have TV networks and services like goTV, myTV, DStv, Nepa bills, and lots more, it can be done using this SIM USSD code. This will in return make things easier and comfortable for you as well as save you stress.


If you are interested in this very service then dial *901*3#. You will be given instructions on your screen for you to follow.


Summary of Access Bank USSD Code / Access Bank Transfer Codes 2021

Features Short Code
 Buying Airtime for self *901*Amount#
 Bayan Airtime for others *901*Amount*Phone Number#
Opening Account *901*0#
Purchase of Data *901*8#
Balance Enquiry *901*5#
Transferring of Fund to Access Bank *901*1*Amount*Account Number#
Transferring of Fund to Other Banks *901*2*Amount*Account Number#
Payment to Merchant *901*3*Amount*Merchant Code#
Payment of Bills *901*3#
Generation of OTP *901*4*1#


Frequently Asked Questions On Access Bank USSD Code, Mobile Banking


A Lot of questions have been asked by customers about Access bank mobile banking and Bank Transfer Code. Here I have outlined most of the comprehensive questions and answers for easy access to customers.  With this, you will be able to operate the platform easily.


What kind of Accounts can use the *901# Service?

Answer:  The accounts that are required to use *901# service are accounts with BVN and must be sole signatory. Accounts should not possess any restriction and it must be denominated in naira


Must I have Airtime on my Mobile Phone to use *901#?

Answer: Yes. You must have airtime before you can make use of*901#


Is *901# Available on all Networks?

Answer: All mobile networks in the country can participate on this platform


Do all Mobile Phones Support *901# Banking?

Answer: Every mobile phone can participate in the access bank *901# platform service


Is *901# exclusive to Access Bank Account Holders?

Answer: This service is only available for access to bank customers with an active access bank account. If you are an existing account holder with an access bank you can open one through *901# to enjoy banking seamlessly


I have Multiple Access Bank accounts. How can I choose the Account I Prefer to Transact with on *901#?

Answer: Automatically, one of your accounts will be set as your default account on the *901# platform.  Though you have the ability to change your default account, it can’t be done by following the step below:

Dial *901# > 8. Next > 3. Select Default Account


If my Phone is Stolen, what am I Expected to do?

Answer: It is to your detriment to reporting such incidents to access bank customer service for them to block your phone number from accessing the USSD service.  If you have retrieved your line, you can then contact the customer service center for them to activate you on the USSD service again.


Can I use *901# USSD Banking outside Nigeria?

Answer:  In as much as you have room in your mobile number you are a benefactor of the *901# platform.


What is the Limit for Airtime and Funds Transfer?

Answer: It depends on your limit, between 50,000 and 500,000



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